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Residential Power Washing Benefits:

Preventative Maintenance: Power washing your siding, driveways, walkways, decks, docks and patios will increase the longevity of these surfaces which in turn saves you money by having to replace/repair them less often. Green mildew has to be removed as quickly as possible since it can permanently stain your surfaces.

Increased Home Value: Power washing increases a homes value by increasing curb appeal. You will entice more potential buyers when it comes time to sell your property.

Better Safety: Clean walkways and driveways are less slippery, especially in wet conditions. Green or black mold/algea/mildew on your walking surfaces can get extremely slick.

Protects Your Family: A dirty home looks bad, but it can also be harmful to your family. Mold and mildew can become health hazards. For those with allergies it can be even worse. Using surface specific cleaning solutions along with power washing will eliminate these issues from your exterior surfaces.

Mission Statement:

To provide each and every customer with the best possible value.

Vision Statement:

To become the most professional, reliable, and knowledgeable company in our field of work.

Rules We Live By:


Zero Damage

Rule #1: Never damage anything that belongs to the homeowner. That goes for plants, windows, outdoor furniture, hoses, water outlets, etc.. We are very careful when we work.

WashWizardTN continuously educates their employees on the latest home cleaning and repairing safety standards.

Zero Accidents

Co-Rule #1: Never do anything that puts our safety at risk. We don't lean or reach when on ladders, we instead move the ladder. We retract the ladder before moving it. Hoses and machines are placed in low traffic areas. We also do not wash in Thunderstorms.

WashWizardTN performs each pressure washing and home repair job in a timely fashion. There is nothing more frustrating than a service provider not showing up on time and we understand that.

On Time

Rule #3: When we say that we will be there Tuesday at 9am, then will be there Tuesday at 9am. The only way that we will move an appointment is if there is inclement weather. In such a case we will call you and figure out the best possible time to re-schedule.

When you hear WashWizardTN we want you to think quality and value.

High Quality

Rule #4: Getting the job done is one thing. Getting it done right is another. We will do a final walk-through around your home to make sure our work meets your high standards. Quality is important to both you and us.

Our services

Look what we can do for you

WashWizardTN.com: Pressure Washing for all your exterior home surfaces.
Pressure Washing
  • ★ Vinyl Siding
  • ★ Gutters and Soffits
  • ★ Driveways
  • ★ Walkways
  • ★ Brick (mostly to remove rust stains from clay splash)
  • ★ Patios and Decks
  • ★ Pavers
  • ★ Lakeside Docks
  • ★ Outdoor Furniture
  • ★ Some Roofs (Depending on materials and pitch of roof)
  • ★ Chimneys
  • ★ Garages
WashWizardTN.com | Deck Builds and Restorations | Dock and Paver Restoration.
Deck, Dock and Paver Restoration

Once your deck, dock, patio and walkways have been pressure washed, what's next? We protect your surfaces by painting, staining and sealing with appropriate tools, techniques, materials and colors. Choose your ideal look and we will make it happen.

WashWizardTN.com provides a full array of handyman services along with a wide array of landscaping services.
  • ★ Deck/Dock Repair
  • ★ Gutter Cleaning/Repair (Please note, we do not install full gutter systems - we only do small to medium repairs to existing gutter systems)
  • ★ Gutter Guard Installation
  • ★ Gutter Guard Repair
  • ★ Light Plumbing (Sinks, toilets, outdoor spigots)
  • Landscape Maintenance:
    1. ★ Hedge Trimming
    2. ★ Planting of flowers, shrubs, small trees, vegetable gardens
    3. ★ Spread mulch/pine straw
  • ★ Small Tree Removal

Service Area

For small to medium jobs we are willing to travel up to 50 miles from Lenoir City, TN. For larger jobs (6000 sq. feet plus) we will travel up to 100 miles from Lenoir City, TN.

 WashWizardTN.com serves a radius of up to 100 miles originating from Lenoir City, TN. That includes, Knoxville, Farragut, Loudon, Powell, Karns, Tellico Village, Friendsville, Kingston and more.

Some of our work:

Tasks Completed For Client:

★ Driveway, Deck, Walkways Pressure Washed
★ Deck Repaired and Upgraded
★ Sink Fixed
★ Gutters fixed
★Screen door replaced
★Work is ongoing at this home.

WashWizardTN.com | Pressure Washing and Handyman Pros.

Tasks Completed For Client:

★ Gutters Cleaned
★ Gutters, Soffits, Vinyl Siding Pressure Washed

Tasks Completed For Client:

★ Gutters, Soffits, Walkways, Paver Patio, Paver Pool Surround and Driveway Pressure Washed
★ Pavers Resanded and Sealed
★ Driveway Sealed
★ Replaced unwanted shrubs with climbing roses

Tasks Completed For Client:

★ Vinyl Siding Pressure Washed
★ Tree limbs touching home removed

Tasks Completed For Client:

★ Gutters, Soffits and Vinyl Siding Pressure Washed
★ Bushes and Japanese maples trimmed (trimmings hauled off)

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Normal Working Hours:
Monday through Saturday 8am - 8pm
Closed Sundays unless we have to reschedule due to weather.
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Please do leave a message as we do not carry our phones with us while we are washing or working. We will check our messages when we take breaks and when we are finished with our day. Your time is important to us, so we will get back with you as soon as possible!

Thank you for spending time on our website and we look forward to helping you with your projects!


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